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Presented by State Library Victoria

Corrupt Society

Why should we conform to the perceived views that society holds over our heads? Our current age is known for people being individuals, for thinking outside of the box, for beating down stereotypes, yet we cannot break free from what society needs us to be. Some would say that everyone has the capability to be who they want to be, and not fit into the box that has been predestined for us based on our age, sex or gender. That even though images are changing form and evolving, by making one box in a grid bigger, it makes the ones around it smaller, so it is a constant game of push and shove to determine the importance and values that a stereotype holds. For example, women have broken the pattern that they must stay at home and raise a family, while the men work. Nowadays, it is common for both parents to work, often asking grandparents to look after children. But somehow this has turned into the incredulous view that men cannot stay at home and look after children, as it isn’t his traditional role.